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Exercises using Trak Handles
TrakHandles enable the user to perform multi-set pull-ups without changing their grip. See in slow motion how the TrakHandle articulates perfectly with the wrist at the top of the movment. Personal Training and Functional Training expert, Naudi Aguilar shows you a great Upper Back workout routine with some Trak Fitness Tools. Official Facebook fan page- New educational blogs updated weekly- © 2012 by Functional Patterns. All rights reserved

These tennis exercise movements demostrate how the TrakHandle by Trak Fitness Corp. can be used in different ways for sports conditioning exercises. In the first position you can see how the TrakHandle articulates perfectly with the users natural hand positioning and motion. In the second position the TrakHandle redirects the resistance to engage the secondary stabalizing muscles of the arm.

This multiset of functional exercises engages the entire kinetic chain from the arms through the shoulders, pecs and core and down through the gluts, hamstrings, quads and calves. Note how the rotational elements of the TrakHandles allow the user to mantain proper joint alignment and ergonomically correct form.

A great benefit of using the TrakHandle by Trak Fitness is the ability to transition from one exercise to the next without changing your grip or the attachment. The TrakHandle is the only cable accessory that allows the user to perform triceps pushdowns in a hammer position and transition through movements that work all three heads of the triceps.

Multi-sets of Biceps exercises and Deltoid exercises using the TrakHandle by Trak Fitness Corp. This video demonstrates the advanced functionality of the TrakHandle and how it enbles the user to easily transition through multiple exercises.

Notice how the TrakHandle by Trak Fitness allows the user to mantain pronated arm positioning throughout all the exercises in this multi-set. There are no other cable attachments that allow this ergonomically correct alignment of the joints.

The TrakHandle enables easy transitions between these core exercises and allows the user acheive full rotation while mantaining ergonomically correct form.

This video shows a series of functional exercise movements for cable equipment using the TrakBar 24 and TrakHandles developed by Trak Fitness Corp. The core exercises shown engage the entire kinetic chain. The TrakHandles Pro-line of cable accessories are the only cable attachments available that allow the seamless succession of movements.

The Trakbar 24 and the TrakHandle Pro-Line Cable Accessories are the only cable attachments avaiable that allow the user to perform multi-sets that work all three heads of the triceps without changing the attachment or their grip.

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