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Personal Training

Fit For Life Personal Training Rates

 $40 per 1 hour session

$175 for 5  1 hour sessions

  $330 for 10 1 hour sessions

$10 for each additional person per 1 hour session for up to 5 people.

*All sessions are 1 hour in length, including pre and post workout consultations.

*Groups of 5 or more desiring training will require permission prior to making payment for training.  

*All requests for personal training must be submitted to Fit For Life prior to assignment of trainer, payment for training, and scheduling of any session.  

*Assignment of Personal trainers is at the discretion of Fit For Life.  

*Payment for all training is required prior to any session.

*All persons requesting training must be active members in good standing with Fit For Life prior to request for personal training, assignment of trainer, and scheduling of any session.

*All personal training must be approved by Fit For Life.

 Please visit our customer service desk for more details.

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